Welcome to the CIRS Healing Collective

Pursuing whole-person healing and resilience in supportive and educational community!

Who is our community for?

This is an encouraging and educational community for people navigating Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) who are looking to share their journey to whole-person wellness in solidarity and hope with others who understand. 

The CIRS Healing Collective is facilitated by Shoemaker Proficiency Partner, Board-Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, Professional Life Coach, Licensed Physical Therapist, and CIRS overcomer, Jenny Johnson. Her coaching team currently includes Dr. Elissa Katz and Olivia Farabaugh.

We know first hand that CIRS can be a financially devastating experience, so we are committed to making quality support, information, and community AFFORDABLE. Join us with a Basic Membership for just $9.99/month or a Premium Membership for just $39.99/month with no long-term commitments!

*If you end up wanting even more connection and content, you can join one of our cohort-based Group Coaching programs, enroll in our self-paced online course (Equipped to Overcome CIRS) for a systematic guide to navigating CIRS from A-Z, or book a private session with Jenny.

What does your membership to the CIRS Healing Collective include?

  • Community: Ongoing connection, encouragement and information-sharing through our active and private community platform on Mighty Networks. While we encourage honesty and vulnerability here, this community has a positive, kind, encouraging, and hopeful vibe that is lacking from most mold groups. We're here to get better - not to spread fear and doom.
  • HOPE: A repository of recorded CIRS Recovery Stories (constantly being updated!) to help you persevere through hard times!
  • Tuesday Tips: Every Tuesday, Jenny will share a new update, pro tip, or resource related to the Shoemaker Protocol or life navigating CIRS!
  • What's Up Wednesday: Weekly member polls to share your opinions and experiences with one another regarding CIRS-related topics
  • Foodie Friday: Sharing of recipes and meal ideas (all diets are welcome and supported here!)
  • Sunday Salugenex: weekly wellness activities to help you strengthen your inner terrain for optimized recovery and resilience!
  • Option to join free special interest groups (member-led) for targeted support:
    • Christian CIRS Support Group
    • Mindfulness Meditation Group
    • Parents of Teens/Young Adults with CIRS Group
  • Option to upgrade your CHC Basic Membership to a CHC Premium Membership where you will enjoy weekly 90-Minute Zoom meetups with Jenny (days and times vary to accommodate different time zones and preferences), monthly interviews with high-value Special Guests, and on-demand access to all replays in the CHC Video Library.

  • Option to join fee-based online courses and live cohort-based groups including Equipped to Overcome CIRS, Salugenex for CIRS, and Healing With Him (faith-based).

  • Option to book private sessions with Jenny for 1:1 CIRS Coaching & Consulting if desired

We can't wait to meet you!